The Power of a Machine

A woman with an electric sewing machine in Ghana is an unstoppable force.

In the rural village of Anloga, Ghana the seamstress industry is the primary industry women can enter to make a living on their own. Due to extreme lack of resources, the large majority of seamstresses are forced to use manual sewing machines, and in more severe cases, sew entirely by hand. These inefficient methods of creating clothing leave them unable to meet demands, sufficiently pay their employees, and make living wages. Facing serious financial hardships, women in the seamstress industry are often forced to rely on their husbands and have little control over their own lives. A solution to this wide-scale problem involves a simple electric sewing machine.

The financial support Hope Sews aims to provide, helps women get crucial simple resources like electric machines. These resources are essential stepping stones along the path to help seamstress businesses thrive, help local girls obtain meaningful life skills, and help them engage in productive activity instead of entering harmful lifestyles like the sex-trafficking industry. A woman with an electric sewing machine in Ghana is an unstoppable force. Hope Sews wants to help seamstresses help their businesses reach their full potential and allow each seamstress herself to live the lives she deserves. Shop now or make a donation to directly support seamstresses in Ghana.

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