Authentic Ghanaian Fabric and Prints

Seamstress from Ghana hanging African wax prints in a store

The colorful African wax cloth so many Ghanaians wear is often referred to as one of the most exquisite fabrics in the world. African wax prints, known to many as "ankara," are omnipresent and common materials for clothing in Africa, most typically West Africa. The locally made cloth is vibrant in color and highlights intricate Ghanaian designs that simultaneously make bold fashion statements as well as tell powerful stories about Ghana’s deep-rooted culture. The high quality of the fabric give it the following three unique qualities: it is fairly opaque, extremely sturdy, and often has a waxy gloss to it. Not only beautiful and of the highest quality, these wax prints are a major part of nonverbal forms of self-expression of African women. Wax prints can be named after personalities, cities, building, sayings, or occasions. The design of the wax print fabrics has already had an influence on the international world of fashion and lifestyle. Hope Sews utilizes these beautiful prints to create high-quality, fashionable clothing that is aesthetically beautiful and shares with the world a cross-cultural narrative about the women of Ghana and their art.