Meet the Women Behind Our Mission

 Through a thorough vetting process, the Hope Sews team hand selects hardworking seamstresses in developing communities that are most in need of financial assistance. 10% of every purchase goes toward providing them with highly effective microfinance loans for sewing machines and other resources that allow them to scale their businesses, meet demands, and employ more women. The end result is a ripple effect that empowers a chain of women and girls. In honor of our Ghana collection, we are currently supporting women in the rural village of Anloga, Ghana. Support our mission by reading the seamstress stories, making a purchase, or clicking the button below to make a donation of any size.

Your support truly matters. 



“What is caring if not ensuring that others too are comfortable. I sew so that humanity may be comfortable. Very fast working machines simply means I will be fast with my wishes.”


Dzigbordi completed high school but was unable to afford secondary school. Though she did not own a sewing machine, she asked a seamstress from her town to train her. At first, she was turned away, but because of her persistence, the seamstress eventually accepted Dzigbordi as her apprentice. Her father then helped her obtain an old sewing machine which enabled Dzigbordi to complete three years of training. After her training Dzigbordi established a shop, but in 2007 it burned down, destroying all of her wares. Despite all of her challenges, Dzigbordi has loved her 13 years of sewing and is in the process of re-establishing herself. She currently has two apprentices, and says that she aspires to encourage young ladies to stand up for themselves.

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